Together with Peter van der Laan there is the project Morphosis.

We made two albums, full of progrock in a more experimental style than you can find in my solowork.

When we meet there is always a moment in which we ask ourselves: "Shall we make some new stuff?"

Both albums can be purchased on


Secrets Of The Cosmos (2002)

A concept album about a possible alien visit to Earth,

assisting us to improve ourselves and our planet.


Times (2005)


A collection of stand-alone songs, including the bizar titletrack.

Release: April 2003, revised in 2006

The album contains songs inspired by paintings, stories and dreams. The music flows from intimate classical guitar and piano melodies to more dramatic symphonic rock eruptions.

The album can best be listened to and purchased on Bandcamp:


1. White Melancholy

This song is inspired by a romantic painting with nymphs taking a bath in a pool in the woods.

lyrics         listen to fragment


2. Tender Innocence part 1

I once had a dream about the birth of a horse and the first steps it took with it's mother. Through the plains and through a forest full of birds. Part 1 is an instrumental attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the dream. Part 2 is another, with vocals added.


3. The Road Goes Ever On And On

The first of 5 songs inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Songs written long before the commercial succes of the movies, when we only had the marvellous books to dwell in. This one is the wandering theme of Bilbo.

listen to fragment


4. Strider

The second song inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The poem tells us of Aragorn.

listen to fragment


5. Nimrodel

The third song inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. One of the sidestories, telling the tale of Nimrodel, an elvenprincess, who fled to the south of Middle Earth with her beloved Amroth, trying to escape from the rage of a released Balrog. She got lost in the woods and none has ever heard of her again.

listen to fragment


6. Gandalf

The fourth song inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. About Gandalf, his character and the dramatic events in the Mines of Moria. You can hear the horns of the orcs coming closer.

listen to fragment


7. The Road - Reprise

An instrumental variation of the first song inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.


8. Along Flowing Waters

A classical guitar piece. I have performed it many times on memorial services.

listen to fragment


9. Tender Innovcence part 2

The second impression of the horse-dream, this time with a more symphonic touch and vocals.

lyrics        listen to fragment


10-12. A Retrospect / Towards The Unknown

A composition in three parts, inspired by the painting 'De Marskramer' by Jeroen Bosch.


10. A Retrospect part 1 - La Dolce Vita

In this first part the peddler looks back at his past pleasures.

lyrics       listen to fragment


11. A Retrospect part 2 - Bearer Of Darkness

But the darker sides of his past cannot be denied.

lyrics       listen to fragment

12. A Retrospect part 3 - Finale / The Question

The peddler leaves town, following his insecure path.

lyrics       listen to fragment



Peter Swart: all compositions, guitars, keyboards and vocals

Koos van Reeven: drums

Peter van der Laan: lyrics of tracks 1-9-10-11-12 and vocals on 11

Anna Windig: lyrics of tracks 3-4-5-6

Frits van Mourik (Studio Het Pand, Vlaardingen, Holland): recording of drums and mix

Harry de Vries: artwork












Release: April 2006

The album can best be listened to and purchased on Bandcamp:


1. In The Depth There Are Shades

A mysterious world lies beneath ...

listen to fragment


2-5. The Snow Queen

Music inspired by the fairy tale 'The Snow Queen' by H.C. Andersen

2. The Snow Queen part one - The Mirror

The magic mirror, made by an troll, distorts the appearance of everything it reflects. When evil creatures try to carry it into Heaven, with the idea of making fools of the angels and God, it slips from their grasp and falls back to earth, shattering into millions of pieces.

listen to fragment

3. The Snow Queen part two - A Heart As Ice

Pieces of the mirror are blown around into people's hearts and eyes, freezing their hearts and making their eyes like the troll-mirror itself, seeing only the bad and ugly in other people and things. On a pleasant summerday one splinter gets into Kai's heart and eyes and the little boy becomes cruel and agressive.

listen to fragment

4. The Snow Queen part three - To The North

The following winter Kai meets The Snow Queen, appearing as a beautiful woman in a white sleigh carriage. She kisses the boy to numb him from the cold and to forget his sister Gerda and family. The Snow Queen takes Kai in her sleigh to her palace near the North Pole.

5. The Snow Queen part four - The Palace

Gerda finds out that her brother Kai is still alive and with the help of a reindeer she reaches the castle of the Snow Queen. When she discovers her brother, Gerda kisses him and Kai is saved by the power of her love. Gerda weeps warm tears on him, melting his heart and burning away the splinter of the mirror. ... And they live happily ever after ....


6. Summerrain

Loneliness, seeing the world through tears and mist.

lyrics       listen to fragment


7. Rondino

Gentle music for the classical guitar.

listen to fragment


8. The Father

Walking with your little child, being there when it needs you.

lyrics       listen to fragment


9. The Teacher

Relations between teacher and student can never be truly honest. This can hurt.

lyrics       listen to fragment


10. Helia

A romantic pianobased piece. Memories of summertime in Greece.

listen to fragment


11. The Salmon Suite

A suite for the classical guitar, symbolizing the life cycle of the salmon. About early life and migration, from the rough voyage home to give birth and die.

listen to fragment


12. The Maestro / Maitreya

Eastern religions speak of the resurrection of the mythical Maitreya in our times. Is he already amongst us?

lyrics       listen to fragment



Peter Swart: all compositions, classical and electric guitars, keyboards, vocals

Peter van der Laan: lyrics (6 and 13) and vocals (13)

Koos van Reeven: drums (3,5,10,13)

Frits van Mourik (Studio Het Pand - Vlaardingen): recording the drums


Release: April 2009

The album can best be listened to and purchased on Bandcamp:

The Story:

Rofloré is a minstel-like person, living on the planet Nylyo, created by Manthara in order to show the world the 'mystical tunes' of the divine being. One day Prince Yascath sent for Rofloré and asked him to become the Master of Aräda. Rofloré answered that he had to travel first before being able to accept this life-task. So Prince Yascath ordered him to make a journey of 200 years through the souls of all Arädany of all planets of the star Kavhalán and Rofloré did so. In his spaceship The Pontha Rofloré travels through the Kavhalán-system. He visits unknown worlds in trying to experience their artistic expressions. After this proces of self-realization Rofloré returns to Nylyo, ready to fulfil his new position.

The Music:

In the music we follow Rofloré's quest. Don't expect violent battles with aliens, rather impressions of Rofloré's meetings, his doubts, loneliness and personal growth. I have written several versions for the musical final in which Rofloré's theme, as revealed in 'Rofloré's Creation', is recaptured. A massive sound eventually has been replaced by an acoustic recurrence with small additions. Because whatever the course of personal growth, the core is always preserved.



1. Movement 1  (4.49)

    The Dawning of Nylyo

    Rofloré's Creation  (lyrics)


2. Movement 2  (4.27)


    Yascath's Question  (lyrics)

    First Signs Of The Arädany


3. Movement 3  (3.26)

    The Pontha

    Eternal Doubt

    Constantly Growing Knowledge


4. Movement 4  (4.17)

    Mysterious Allurement

    Loneliness  (lyrics)

    Strangeness Though Deep Charm


5. Movement 5  (4.50)

    The Dream  (lyrics)

    The Symphonic Muse


6. Movement 6  (5.28)


    Feelings Of Affection  (lyrics)



7. Movement 7  (2.23)

    Electrhythm Of Joy

    The Everlasting Unification


8. Movement 8  (4.17)

    Descriptions Of Ymyty

    The Edhazherä


9. Movement 9  (6.41)

    Dhaedra  (lyrics)

    Return  (lyrics)

    Master Of Aräda


All music is written and performed by Peter Swart (guitars, keyboards, vocals) with the assistance of:

Peter van der Laan - story, lyrics, narrator

Koos van Reeven - drums

Frits van Mourik - recording of the drums, mix

Harry de Vries - artwork



Release: october 2014

On the couch you tell your analyst your dreams (What do you ...) and you rest after a battle of any kind (Dust)

On the couch you read romantic disturbing literature (Hedwig, Werther) you meditate (Buddha) or you just strum your guitar (On the couch)


The album can best be listened to and purchased on Bandcamp:

If you prefer the album as compact disc, just send me an e-mail (see Contact).



 1. What do you make up of these dreams  (3.11)

     lyrics         listen to fragment


 2. Dust  (3.00)

     lyrics         listen to fragment


 3. Hedwig  (9.16)

     Music inspired by Frederik van Eeden's 'Van de koele meren des doods'

     listen to fragment


 4. Buddha (3.48)

     lyrics        listen to fragment


 5. On the couch (1.41)

     listen to fragment


 6-11: Werther

     Music inspired by Goethe's 'Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers'


 6. Werther - part one (4.44)              

     Romantic young Werther ...

     listen to fragment

     listen to fragment (flute & guitar) 

 7. Werther - part two (4.40)

     ... falls in love ...

     listen to fragment

 8. Werther - part three (2.32)

     ... with gentle Lotte ...

 9. Werther - part four (2.31)

     ... which brings silent tears ...

10. Werther - part five (3.15)

     ... despair ...

     listen to fragment

11. Werther - part six (3.16)

     ... and death.

    listen to fragment


All music written and performed by Peter Swart (guitars, keys and vocals) with the assistance of:

Ron Brevé - drums

Marlies de Vries - flute

Anna Windig - lyrics (Dust and Buddha)

Harry de Vries - artwork

Frits van Mourik - engineer Studio Het Pand, Vlaardingen, Holland

Peter van der Laan - graphical editing




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