MLWZ - December 2010

Review Rofloré

Peter Swart - Rofloré

"One day Prince Yascath sent for Rofloré and asked him to become the Master of Aräda. Rofloré answered that he had to travel first before being able to accept this life-task. So Prince Yascath ordered him to make a journey of 200 years through the souls of all Arädany of all planets of the star Kavhalán and Rofloré did so."

The story is written by Peter van der Laan, and with the sound by Peter Swart the record is perhaps the most surprising album of recent years. The music is, rather, the background for the story, not vice versa. Peter Swart  writes that the protagonist of the story, Rofloré, is a kind of minstrel from the planet Nylyo in a quest to explore 'mystical sounds of the creator’.The music is mostly quiet, subdued, and most parts of the text are recited. The greater part of the album consists of recurring sound themes, introducing a melancholy mood, associated with the limitless cosmos. Occasionally they are interspersed with more dynamic elements.

Peter Swart, using these minimalist forms, tries to move the listener through the infinite expanse of the universe to a star system Kavhalán. The Dutch musician wants to illustrate the loneliness and doubt, a hero of history, but also his personal development. The style which is presented in the background music very much inclines you to think, to have a look deeper into yourself and also discover your own weaknesses, but also hidden opportunities.

You can compare this album with some of the achievements of Gazpacho, as it is such 'atmospheric rock'. Gentle, acoustic sounds let my thoughts go back to the accomplishments of the 70s electronic minimalists and feel a bit like back then. The album "Rofloré" can not be listened to in the background, it has to absorb your whole being. Peter Swart is a psychologist and knows how to interest students.
At the same time, I can not say that it is a record for everyone. As I mentioned, you can not just listen to the album, so it is not intended for people who treat music as just entertainment. This album must live, you must try to empathize with the role of Rofloré, traveling between the planets in search of knowledge. Briefly summarized: I like this album, but it won’t appeal to  anyone. It is for you to reach, to become acquainted with, but you should first consider whether you will be able to empathize with this album.

Autor: Aleksander Gruszczyński   


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