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Review Rofloré

Peter Swart - Rofloré

Dutchman Peter Swart has studied classical guitar and piano, and the two instruments make up the most important part in his compositions. With "Rofloré" he is back with his fifth album, and it is Peter van der Laan who is responsible for the lyrics. Van der Laan is also the man behind the narration on the disc, and he has written a science-fiction story that is the basis for all the music. The two above-mentioned "Peters" also cooperate in the band Morphosis on two albums, where Van der Laan was the vocalist.

The concept of "Rofloré" is the story of troubadour Rofloré from Nylyo, who is sent on a journey to all the planets of the star Kavhalán to explore their artistic expression, and based on this comes to a self-realization and personal development. After two hundred years, he returns to Nylyo and becomes the Master of Aräda.

On the album "The Path" Swart, who also works as a psychologist, was inspired by the books of JRR Tolkien. Swart is reasonably concerned to have good stories as the basis for his works, and he does not hide the fact that he is highly influenced by the symphonic rock from the 70's. On "Rofloré" the electric guitar has a much more prominent role than in his earlier work. In this work, there is a wonderful relaxed atmosphere, but when it fires up it seems pretty intense and with good nerve. Swart plays really well throughout the album, and has a striking good technique that is further refined with a great empathy and willingness to expose himself. We also love the mix of acoustic and electric guitars, and the general well-adjusted dynamics fit Roflorés adventure. An adventure that is accompanied by roaring and great keyboards that contribute to much of the flow of the music, electric guitar amplifies this admirably, and together they bring up a varied and exciting musical landscape.

This had obviously not been possible without Swart being an excellent composer, which is further displayed in his ability to integrate and mix the most diverse topics. Apparently that does not cost a calorie, he is also able to bounce between the most diverse tempi in an excellent way both within a song, and between songs. "The Grand Final" will never be, because, true to the theme on the disc, human basic properties will always be the same regardless of personal growth. Therefore, it is very natural that an acoustic version of "Roflorés Creation" end the whole thing.

We just have to admit that this is an album we think is extremely beautiful and filled with very exciting music. We are almost unheard fond of it.

Ulf Backstrøm

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