Prog résiste no.42 - November 2005



Review of The Path

Peter Swart - The Path
Style: ‘rock progressif atmosphérique’

Peter Swart is someone who is clearly in tune. It seems like all kinds of concerns have no hold on him. His world, in other words his music, is so sweet and of a confusing simplicity: she shows an overall peace of mind. He's probably not tormented by things. Maybe he does not even know that this is possible. Moreover, it is questionable whether this would be useful. A piano, an acoustic guitar and a velvety voice are completely sufficient to attract the attention of the reviewer. There is little information on the internet about this artist; I must do it with the album itself and my own impressions. Progressive? That cannot be stated. In contrast, the album is perfect to dream away. I particularly liked the beauty of the lyrics and the softness, sensitivity, and even the melancholy of this great romantic (he reminds me very much of Anthony Phillips). This album is a delicacy that you should taste with your eyes closed, in subdued light, in evenings being in a poetic mood. One small problem: make sure you do not fall asleep before the end.

Jean-Luc Piérard

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