Prog résiste no.47 - Spring 2007



Review of Shades

Peter Swart - Shades

Style: Musique atmosphérique
I’m not so sure how this edition has reached me (no doubt because the former disc of our Dutch friend came to me – see PR 42). In any case, the music on Shades is not really my taste, which over the years is strongly ‘metallized’. I can only repeat what I wrote back then, but this time with more reservation. As always the style of Peter Swart is acoustic, atmospheric, very soft, permeated with a great serenity but hardly progressive and without taking innovative risks. This is a disadvantage, although the music retains its sincerity. Anyway, my conclusion is the same to that in 2005: that is to not fall asleep in the end, unless that’s the purpose. With that said, the music still remains beautiful. Ainsi-Swart-il.

Jean-Luc Piérard

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