Rofloré - lyrics


Roflorés Creation

Manthara was the creator of Nylyo. On the 57th day of the 31st month - called Nonador - in the 102nd year of the reign of Prince Yascath, Manthara invented Rofloré in order to show His mystical tunes. The people of Nylyo, the Hansars, applauded and were pleased when seeing the dawning of Rofloré's Creation.


Yascath's Question

One day Prince Yascath sent for Rofloré and asked him to become the Master of Aräda. Rofloré answered that he had to travel first before being able to accept this life-task. So Prince Yascath ordered him to make a journey of 200 yeras through the souls of all Arädany of all planets of the star Kavhalán and Rofloré did so.


Decline is ahead

and it happened ...

Aräda wished

and a new king in birth ...


First in sight ...

New ways

new ways to be found ...



Unaccompanied ...

just one.

The cry for more

and choirs re-echo.

Individuality -

the side of fear.

Silent silence

and the soul is painted black.

Again in nil

and the fool is crying.

Life bereft

and in need of friendship.


The Dream

Images turn around.

Walking grey ...

Wishes of company.

Dawning light ...

Hermit on the edge.

The back of silence ...

And the doubt of reality ...

Time has come.


Feelings of Affection

Platonic but beautiful ...

deepest love

harmonious balance...

As if Eden-like perfection

and warm is the ray of hearts.

Platonic but beautiful ...

glory of the sun

stars in rebirth ...

Inner souls are moved

and the gods arise anew.



Love is infinite

immortal affection ...

Horizons have passed

and flowers are red ...

Death is no longer

as is deified life ...



Rofloré had travelled for almost 200 years now and he decided to return to Nylyo, ever reminding Dhaedraa and Thesymu, whom he kept contact with for evermore.


© 1980 Peter van der Laan

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