Release: April 2009

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The Story:

Rofloré is a minstel-like person, living on the planet Nylyo, created by Manthara in order to show the world the 'mystical tunes' of the divine being. One day Prince Yascath sent for Rofloré and asked him to become the Master of Aräda. Rofloré answered that he had to travel first before being able to accept this life-task. So Prince Yascath ordered him to make a journey of 200 years through the souls of all Arädany of all planets of the star Kavhalán and Rofloré did so. In his spaceship The Pontha Rofloré travels through the Kavhalán-system. He visits unknown worlds in trying to experience their artistic expressions. After this proces of self-realization Rofloré returns to Nylyo, ready to fulfil his new position.

The Music:

In the music we follow Rofloré's quest. Don't expect violent battles with aliens, rather impressions of Rofloré's meetings, his doubts, loneliness and personal growth. I have written several versions for the musical final in which Rofloré's theme, as revealed in 'Rofloré's Creation', is recaptured. A massive sound eventually has been replaced by an acoustic recurrence with small additions. Because whatever the course of personal growth, the core is always preserved.



1. Movement 1  (4.49)

    The Dawning of Nylyo

    Rofloré's Creation  (lyrics)


2. Movement 2  (4.27)


    Yascath's Question  (lyrics)

    First Signs Of The Arädany


3. Movement 3  (3.26)

    The Pontha

    Eternal Doubt

    Constantly Growing Knowledge


4. Movement 4  (4.17)

    Mysterious Allurement

    Loneliness  (lyrics)

    Strangeness Though Deep Charm


5. Movement 5  (4.50)

    The Dream  (lyrics)

    The Symphonic Muse


6. Movement 6  (5.28)


    Feelings Of Affection  (lyrics)



7. Movement 7  (2.23)

    Electrhythm Of Joy

    The Everlasting Unification


8. Movement 8  (4.17)

    Descriptions Of Ymyty

    The Edhazherä


9. Movement 9  (6.41)

    Dhaedra  (lyrics)

    Return  (lyrics)

    Master Of Aräda


All music is written and performed by Peter Swart (guitars, keyboards, vocals) with the assistance of:

Peter van der Laan - story, lyrics, narrator

Koos van Reeven - drums

Frits van Mourik - recording of the drums, mix

Harry de Vries - artwork



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