Release: April 2006

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1. In The Depth There Are Shades

A mysterious world lies beneath ...

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2-5. The Snow Queen

Music inspired by the fairy tale 'The Snow Queen' by H.C. Andersen

2. The Snow Queen part one - The Mirror

The magic mirror, made by an troll, distorts the appearance of everything it reflects. When evil creatures try to carry it into Heaven, with the idea of making fools of the angels and God, it slips from their grasp and falls back to earth, shattering into millions of pieces.

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3. The Snow Queen part two - A Heart As Ice

Pieces of the mirror are blown around into people's hearts and eyes, freezing their hearts and making their eyes like the troll-mirror itself, seeing only the bad and ugly in other people and things. On a pleasant summerday one splinter gets into Kai's heart and eyes and the little boy becomes cruel and agressive.

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4. The Snow Queen part three - To The North

The following winter Kai meets The Snow Queen, appearing as a beautiful woman in a white sleigh carriage. She kisses the boy to numb him from the cold and to forget his sister Gerda and family. The Snow Queen takes Kai in her sleigh to her palace near the North Pole.

5. The Snow Queen part four - The Palace

Gerda finds out that her brother Kai is still alive and with the help of a reindeer she reaches the castle of the Snow Queen. When she discovers her brother, Gerda kisses him and Kai is saved by the power of her love. Gerda weeps warm tears on him, melting his heart and burning away the splinter of the mirror. ... And they live happily ever after ....


6. Summerrain

Loneliness, seeing the world through tears and mist.

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7. Rondino

Gentle music for the classical guitar.

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8. The Father

Walking with your little child, being there when it needs you.

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9. The Teacher

Relations between teacher and student can never be truly honest. This can hurt.

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10. Helia

A romantic pianobased piece. Memories of summertime in Greece.

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11. The Salmon Suite

A suite for the classical guitar, symbolizing the life cycle of the salmon. About early life and migration, from the rough voyage home to give birth and die.

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12. The Maestro / Maitreya

Eastern religions speak of the resurrection of the mythical Maitreya in our times. Is he already amongst us?

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Peter Swart: all compositions, classical and electric guitars, keyboards, vocals

Peter van der Laan: lyrics (6 and 13) and vocals (13)

Koos van Reeven: drums (3,5,10,13)

Frits van Mourik (Studio Het Pand - Vlaardingen): recording the drums

And than there is .... the sciencefiction trilogy KRONIEK van ODERAN


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