The Couch

Release: october 2014

On the couch you tell your analyst your dreams (What do you ...) and you rest after a battle of any kind (Dust)

On the couch you read romantic disturbing literature (Hedwig, Werther) you meditate (Buddha) or you just strum your guitar (On the couch)


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 1. What do you make up of these dreams  (3.11)

     lyrics         listen to fragment


 2. Dust  (3.00)

     lyrics         listen to fragment


 3. Hedwig  (9.16)

     Music inspired by Frederik van Eeden's 'Van de koele meren des doods'

     listen to fragment


 4. Buddha (3.48)

     lyrics        listen to fragment


 5. On the couch (1.41)

     listen to fragment


 6-11: Werther

     Music inspired by Goethe's 'Die Leiden des Jungen Werthers'


 6. Werther - part one (4.44)              

     Romantic young Werther ...

     listen to fragment

     listen to fragment (flute & guitar) 

 7. Werther - part two (4.40)

     ... falls in love ...

     listen to fragment

 8. Werther - part three (2.32)

     ... with gentle Lotte ...

 9. Werther - part four (2.31)

     ... which brings silent tears ...

10. Werther - part five (3.15)

     ... despair ...

     listen to fragment

11. Werther - part six (3.16)

     ... and death.

    listen to fragment


All music written and performed by Peter Swart (guitars, keys and vocals) with the assistance of:

Ron Brevé - drums

Marlies de Vries - flute

Anna Windig - lyrics (Dust and Buddha)

Harry de Vries - artwork

Frits van Mourik - engineer Studio Het Pand, Vlaardingen, Holland

Peter van der Laan - graphical editing



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