Airplay Werther by Jim Lawson - Cuillin FM Scotland

November 10th 2014 

Airplay: Jim Lawson of Cuillin FM gives airplay to WERTHER of The Couch in his  show 'The Ancient One'

His comment after the song:

"I hope you were very impressed with that piece of music, I know that I was when I first heard it. I have to thank Leo Koperdraat from Fractal Mirror, who posted on Facebook the following comment:  'If you like the sounds of Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips, the romantic stuff of The Enid or the atmosphere generated by Camel, you might want to check out The Couch by Peter Swart, especially the six part suite Werther', which we just heard here and I think it's a majestic piece of work... The album itself is simply terrific... Excellent material and in fact he is, in his everyday life, surprisingly enough, a medical psychologist. Certainly good music, excellent stuff."

listen to the entire commentary of Jim Lawson ...

And than there is .... the sciencefiction trilogy KRONIEK van ODERAN


Promovideo KRONIEK van ODERAN



Promovideo THE COUCH