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Review The Couch

Peter Swart - The Couch


Peter Swart out of Maassluis. Who doesn't know him? Well, me for example. But our critic Wouter van Hal does and he alerted me to this album of the medical psychologist.

Swart is influenced, in his own words, by  symphonic rock of the seventies and that indeed can be heard in some songs. An album that reads like a book,  as I would call it. Different chapters, one story. The story of someone who, stretched out on the couch, is telling what he wants and can tell. Or has to tell. Lying on the couch a book full of romance is read, but not without struggle. The different tracks leads  you through the session between analyst and client. But is it a client who is being analyzed? Could it be that the analyst himself is the client? Fill it in yourself!

On this musical session, entirely written by  himself, Peter Swart is supported by Ron Brevé on drums, Marlies de Vries on flute, Anna Windig (lyrics on 'Dust' and 'Buddha'). Harry de Vries provided the artwork,  Frits van Mourik of Studio Het Pand in Vlaardingen did the engineering and Peter van der Laan cooperated as a graphical editor.

The acoustic guitar plays a large role in the music of Swart. In combination with the symphonic aspects some songs sounds like film music, which is not a disqualification: it sounds delicious. Advice: if you find this album worthwhile, then listen to the predecessors 'The Path' (2003), 'Shades'  (2006) and 'Rofloré' from 2009.

The music of Swart is available on his Bandcamp page and for lovers of light music with depth, this is a must. Stories are sung with a voice that emanates tranquility. The narratives are framed with music that sometimes are reminiscent to the sound of a bard, a troubadour from ancient times and sometimes you hear a tentative attempt to symphonic rock, but it is never abundant. Enjoy, and Wouter: Thanks for the tip!

By Rinco Ennema

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