Heavily influenced by the symphonic rock music of the seventies my compositions range from intimate pieces for the classical guitar to robust full blown themes. Inspiration is found in dreams, paintings, literature, fantasy and sciencefiction.

 I have had my training in classical piano and guitar, so I play the guitars and keyboards myself, feeling lucky with the assistance of some fine guest musicians.

 Beside the solo albums there is music I make together with Peter van der Laan in our project Morphosis

And... there is more: I wrote the sciencefcition trilogy KRONIEK van ODERAN

Relaxation I find in making little cartoonesque movies about the adventures of Pepi Rapido, an amateur jogger

In everyday life I work as a medical psychologist in a cancerhospital.      


By Benoît Michelet, Angoulême, July 2015

And than there is .... the sciencefiction trilogy KRONIEK van ODERAN


Promovideo KRONIEK van ODERAN



Promovideo THE COUCH