De Jogger
De Jogger


'De Jogger' is a series of cartoonesque little movies about the adventures of Pepi Rapido. As every jogger knows, there's a lot to experience during your daily kilometers and how easy the shortage of oxygen in your brains can twist your perceptions.

You can find the movies on YouTube on the channel of pepirapido, but more organized on

On the website there's also information about the makers and the world Rapido lives in.

Here you can watch episode no. 2 'De Jogger en de ontsnapte tbs-er'. In plain English: 'The Jogger and the escaped prisoner'.


             ~ Pee, artist ~                     ~ Peter Swart, composer ~


~ Pee, after being accused of too much sexism in his work ~

~ Pepi Rapido ~

~ Pee in action ~ 

 ~ Jan Oows, graphical supervisor ~